General Maintenance
Male Plumber Fixing Sink In Bathroom

Plumbing Services: General Repairs and Maintenance

O’Shell Plumbing in Hervey Bay provide reliable, friendly general plumbing services to local residents and business owners. Our friendly team of qualified plumbers have performed preventative maintenance services to countless homes and buildings, preventing a plumbing catastrophe from happening. We don’t charge a call-out fee, and our vehicles are always well-stocked to minimise the time we spend getting parts.

Our range of general plumbing maintenance services is extensive and includes:

  • Water Flexies replacement
  • Burst Water Pipes
  • Leaking Taps
  • Toilet, Tap & Showerhead replacement
  • Vanity unit & sink basin replacement

Get in touch with O’Shell Plumbing if you require some general plumbing maintenance to keep your kitchens and bathroom hassle free.

Water Flexies Replacement.

Under many domestic, commercial kitchen, toilets and vanity units you’ll find braided and insulated flexible connectors used to minimise vibration from pipes. The problem with these, however, is that they are thin and overtime, the rubber within will start to wear, and the outer braiding will begin to corrode. If left unnoticed, this can eventually lead to flexies fatiguing and eventually burst, causing extensive damage to home and property. It’s important, especially in older houses, to check that your flexible connectors are still looking healthy, and replace them if necessary.

O’Shell Plumbing team stock the newest in Water flexies with a  Pex centre and Kevla wrap to prevent any future fatigue and issues

Burst Water Pipes

O’Shell Plumbing Team have stocked vehicle on the road with most fitting to fix and repair burst water pipes.

With deferent weather conditions and ground matter burst water pipe s under ground are a regular issue and can be located and repaired by teams members.

Burst water pipes in dwellings often caused by faulty install or aged products.

If water is every notice on site we advise to isolate water mains and contact O’Shell Plumbing 24/7 for a urgent dispatch of a Team member. give us a call.

Toilet, Tap & Showerhead replacement

Whether they’re starting to malfunction, or you’re just after a new look, we’ve got high quality replacement fittings in all sizes and styles. Newly available and a favourite among older customers are our quarter-turn taps, which require much less effort to turn for high water pressure. Among our extensive range of taps and toilets, we can advise in style, brand, sizes for any plumbing fixture application.

O’Shell Plumbing have built a strong relationship with the plumbing suppliers and can recommend proven and trusted fixtures for any appliaction.

Plumbing Services

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for any of our general plumbing services with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306