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Gas Installation Services

O’Shell Plumbing install and certify gas lines and appliances for domestic households and commercial applications. Our friendly team of expert gas-fitters provide professional advice and service with no call-out fees. Our truck is kept well stocked to ensure minimal trips to the supplier, making your install that much quicker and painless. Please give us a call for a measure and quote on a gas installation for cheap, reliable power!

Thinking of getting gas installed to your house? Gas hosts an array of benefits for those looking to heat their pools, their home water or cookin. Some people simply can’t stand cooking without it! We’ve safely installed reliable gas fueled appliances to numerous local residents, from cooktops to pizza-ovens to pool heaters, we’ve done it.


You’ll love the benefits gas power provides when cooking. Along with the ability to control temperature much more effectively, gas power provides even heat distribution, cheaper electricity bills, and the ability to cook, even during blackouts!

In addition to your home gas appliances, we install gas-powered heating solutions, such as gas hot water heaters and gas pool heaters. Gas-powered hot water heaters are fantastic, especially when blackouts occur and you’d trade anything for a nice hot shower!

Home Gas Installs:

Yes, we also install the lines! Even if you’re only after a single appliance for now, having gas lines is a great way to increase the value of your home and future-proof it for you or any future owner’s desires. We can install gas lines for homes, sheds and caravans.

Caravan Gas Certification:

Under Queensland law, sellers of gas-fitted caravans are required to obtain a certificate from an authorised gas fitter to ensure it is safe and fit for use before transfer of ownership can occur. As experienced gas fitters, we’ll come out to your caravan and do a thorough check of your gas system to make sure it’s safe and in good shape, before issuing you with a certificate to allow you to sell your van.

LPG vs Natural gas:

You might have heard about two different kinds of gas, LPG (propane) and Natural gas.

The major difference is that Natural gas is found in a network that is meters at your premises. LPG is of a storage system that can be filled or transported to site.

Appliances that use LPG or Natural gas are not interchangeable and must be converted, as they burn at different temperatures.

This ultimately depends on your situation and one of our qualified professionals can make a recommendation when they visit you for a measure and quote.

Gas Installation Services

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for any of our gas installation services with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306