Installing Faucet With Thermostat.

Plumbing Installations: Appliances, Hot Water Heaters and Renovations

O’Shell Plumbing, Hervey Bay’s premier choice for professional plumbers, specialise in plumbing installations including new white goods, hot water heaters and plumbing fittings for renovation projects. Our scope of installation services is broad; we do simple appliance installations, shower-head replacements, and even more involved jobs like kitchen and bathroom renovations. Please get in touch with us for efficient, professional plumbing installation services so you can enjoy your new dishwasher, taps or hot water heater sooner!


Just bought yourself a new dishwasher, washing machine or other appliance that requires water supply? Having a plumber professionally install your new white good is necessary to make sure it operates as efficiently and safely as possible. Have O’Shell Plumbing install your new appliance correctly, ensuring the warranty stays intact, while also making sure the surrounding plumbing is in healthy, leak-free condition.

Hot water heaters

We install high quality gas-powered and mains-powered hot water heater replacements. Our team of expert plumbers can advise you on what sort of water heater would be best suited as a replacement for you or your business, offering solution on size and brands. Gas can prove more budget friendly in the long run, especially with rising costs of electricity and even more-so if you already have gas lines connected to or near.

We source high quality tanks and components, so the tank lasts you for many years to come, and generally recommend using a stainless-steel tank whenever possible. If installing a mains-powered hot water system, you will also require an electrician to complete the installation, and we’re more than happy to recommend a great local electrician for you.


We’ve worked on countless renovations, installing new fittings such as taps, sink basins and shower heads to help transform kitchens and bathrooms. Renovation projects often require putting in entirely new piping to accommodate for the changes, which we’re more than well-versed in doing. We also do all the standard fitting replacements, even if you’re not doing a complete renovation or fitout.

Flexible connectors

If you have a property, it’s important to have the flexible connectors within vanities, toilets and kitchens checked to ensure they’re still in healthy, working order. Because these use rubber with braided metal insulation, they do eventually wear and corrode, and once broken, can cause flooding within your property. When attending to your flexible connectors, we use high quality replacement parts, and we’ll also look for other potential plumbing issues within your property to save you in the long run.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

We’re able to provide quality, cost-effective replacements including taps, showerheads, vanity units, basins and more.

Plumbing Installations

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for any of our appliance installation services with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306