Blocked Drains
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Blocked Drains and Drain Cleaning Services

Our professional team of plumbers are well-equipped to handle any blocked drains you have, and can analyse the problem carefully to prevent it from happening again. We don’t charge call out fees and we’re well-stocked to ensure we can repair and fix any blockage. Please give us a call for fast and friendly service from a qualified local plumber.

Camera Blockage Detection:

At your request, we can send a sewer camera down the blocked drain in question to identify what exactly is blocking it. This is beneficial to those getting constant blockages in the same area, as we can identify whether there’s something like roots continually growing, and future-proof your drains from blocking. Whilst camera is inspecting the drain any issues identified can be traced and located giving location of issue and also a depth of issue. It’s also favoured by body corporates and real estate agents, who may want to find out if the blockage is the result of the tenant flushing something that they shouldn’t have.

High-Pressure Water Jetting:

For long-lasting drain cleaning solutions, we use a high-pressure water jetting when necessary. Our high-pressure water jetter cleaner is fantastic for drains that get blocked regularly by tree roots, as they blast them with extreme power, making them disintegrate into smaller pieces, unblocking the drain and leaving it that way for a long time to come.

Emergency Drain Unblockage:

If your only sink or toilet has blocked in the middle of the night or on a weekend, this can be an absolute disaster. If such a thing occurs, we ask you not to panic. Give us a call on our emergency number and have one of our professional plumbers come out to you and get your pipes back in working order again.

Blocked Drains:

Get in touch to book one of our team members to visit your premises for any of our blocked drain services! Call 0459 719 306