Commercial Gas Installation
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Commercial Gas Installation and Maintenance

O’Shell Plumbing safely install and certify gas to businesses and property , providing them with a reliable alternative to electrical power for some of their appliances. We can install the pipework, regulators, safety valves and all styles of appliances. We don’t charge callout fees and we work efficiently to not cause disruption to the regular operations of your business. Please give us a call to have one of our friendly professionals set you up with reliable gas power, be it LPG or Natural gas.

We’ve installed gas lines for numerous property developments and businesses. From schools and hospitals to restaurants or residential complexes, gas can used for a huge range of appliances and applications including cooking and heating. For more information about our commercial gas installation services, give us a call on 0459 719 306.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing & Gas Fitouts

Having gas installed is a great option for commercial kitchens, as gas-powered ovens and cook tops can have their temperature adjusted much more rapidly, allowing for quicker food turnaround in your kitchen. They also allow you to keep serving food during a power outage, minimising your generator usage to lighting and refrigeration. We’ve installed countless gas appliances for commercial restauranteurs, including:

  • Pizza Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Combi Ovens
  • Ovens

As experienced local plumbers, we’ve done our fair share of commercial kitchen plumbing and gas installs. Along with the installation of all plumbing and gas lines in your kitchen area, we can also install all of your appliances. Our expert team of certified gasfitters will efficiently and safely install your new piping and appliances with minimal disruption to any other work being commissioned in the fit-out, reducing the time you have to wait until opening day!

LPG vs Natural gas

LPG (propane) and Natural gas are two different gases we often get asked about.

The major difference is that Natural gas is found in a network that is meters at your premises. LPG is of a storage system that can be filled or transported to site.

Appliances that use LPG or Natural gas are not interchangeable and must be converted, as they burn at different temperatures.

This ultimately depends on your situation and one of our qualified professionals can make a recommendation when they visit you for a measure and quote.

Commercial Gas Installation

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for any of our commercial gas services with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306