Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Plumbing Service

O’Shell Plumbing provided scheduled and emergency commercial plumbing maintenance and installations for businesses, landlords, real-estate agents and Body Corps. The benefit of choosing O’Shell plumbing for your commercial maintenance is that, beyond not charging a callout fee, we have several vehicles that are always stocked with the most common and necessary plumbing components, allowing us to complete jobs with no or minimal trips to our supplier, saving you time and money. Please give us a call for friendly commercial plumbing maintenance from a skilled professional.

We realise scheduling maintenance on tenanted properties can be difficult and we do our best to adhere to your preferred maintenance time, or between tenancy contracts. Better yet, if you have a collection of properties in the same area, such as assisted living, or townhouse complexes, have us come out and perform all your regular maintenance and checks all in one go.

Failing to perform preventative maintenance on your commercial properties can prove not only unsafe for your occupants, but also costly in the long run when fittings and pipes break. We’ll perform checks on all your key plumbing components, such as flexible connectors, pipes and taps to make sure your building is safe, and that your occupants are happy.

Our rigorous commercial plumbing maintenance check includes:

  • Check of pipe health
  • Check for corroding flexible connectors
  • Leak check

In addition, we can also perform upgrades of your facilities, including new taps, showerheads, vanity units and sink basins. Once completing your maintenance, we’ll clean up any mess and leave the area looking just like we found it (minus the worn-out plumbing).

Commercial Plumbing Services

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for any of our Commercial plumbing and maintenance services with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow Prevention: Device Installation, Maintenance and Annual Testing

As members of the Queensland Backflow Prevention Association, O’Shell Plumbing are committed to ensuring you stay safe by installing and regularly checking backflow prevention devices. Unlike other plumbers, we don’t charge call-out fees. We only charge by the hour, and come around to your home or business, checking up on as many backflow prevention devices as required with minimal disruption to your business or household operations. Please give us a call if you require a new install or annual testing of backflow prevention devices.

What are Backflow Prevention Devices?

Backflow Prevention Devices prevent the reverse siphoning effect of polluted water into potable water supply. On properties that have irrigation or plumbing handling polluted liquid, such as mechanic oil change bays, golf courses, schools, hospitals or restaurants, Backflow Prevention Devices are required by the local council to eliminate the potential for accidental water poisoning.

As Backflow Prevention Devices use moving parts to detect siphoned water, they require annual testing and preventative maintenance to ensure they operate safely. These checks are required by law and require proof to be submitted to the local council. For more information on the risks associated with having a faulty or non-existent Backflow Prevention Device, visit your local council plumbing division on Backflow Prevention Devices.

Backflow Maintenance & Annual Testing

Your Backflow Prevention Device is required by law to be checked annually by a certified plumber. O’Shell plumbing safely check for any faults within your backflow prevention devices efficiently, minimising downtime for you and your business and keeping your occupants safe. We handle all the administrative duties, including reporting to local council and keeping a maintenance schedule for you, minimising the things you need to worry about when managing your business or property.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation:

Just had a new water supplied to a hazardous business or location that requires a backflow prevention device? Have O’Shell Plumbing Attend to carry out a hazard rating and advise on the style of backflow device needed. We can then also install a new backflow prevention device to keep your occupants safe. O’Shell stay up to date on the latest and safest backflow prevention device technologies, regularly attending Queensland Backflow Prevention Association meetings to learn more on keeping safe.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Get in touch to book one of our friendly plumbers to visit your premises for our Backflow Prevention Device installations or checks with no call-out fee! Call 0459 719 306